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Tattoos and Permanent Makeup
Information on the possible risks involved in getting and removing tattoos, and how to report adverse reactions. A fact sheet from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration,
Chinese Tattoo: Ci Shen
History, famous works, synonyms, and links.
Soyouwanna Get a Tattoo
Outlines safety, choosing a design, finding an artist, aftercare, and removal.
Andy Feehan: Tattooed Pigs and Hairless Dogs
Narrative illustrated chronology of art projects done between 1976 and 1984.
ABC News Nightline: The Mark of Cain 
TV News magazine feature about the tradition of tattooing in Russian prisons.
The China Experience: Tattoo in Chinese Minorities
Highlights the Drung and Dai traditions and history. [Travel China Weekly]
The Progression of The Tattoo
Commentary by Eric Kennedy. [Trincoll Journal]
Tattoo Traditions 
Traditions and designs as interpreted by Tricia Allen, a doctoral candidate in Anthropology at the University of Hawaii.
Icons of Flesh
Outlines the history and relationship to sociopathy, specifically the "Love/Hate" knuckles. By James F. Hooper. [Psychiatry Online]
Tattoo Safety Guidelines
From Columbia University's health education program.
Tattooing and Scarification
By Ted Polhemus and Housk Randall. [The Customized Body]
Tattoos: Cool or Not So Cool?
Discusses what the Bible has to say about body adornment practices. [Vision Ministries]
Tattoo Or Not Tattoo: That Is The Question 
By Dave Hart. [Media Update]
The Slant: Women That Last Forever 
By Justice Mitchell, regarding the 3rd Annual International Female Tattoo Artist Expo.
Here Comes the Pain of Forever 
By Justice Mitchell for the Orlando Community Webzine. [The Slant]
Tattoo Shop 'Draws' Students, Grandmas 
By Jeff Pruitt. Highlights the Flyin' Gypsy studio. [The Auburn Plainsman]
Restrict Disfigurement 
Discussess teens and the need for laws requiring parental consent before minors are tattooed. [Augusta Chronicle]
Stroll Past Tattoo Parlors Recalls Jewish Prohibitions 
By Naomi Geschwind. [Jewish Bulletin of Northern California]
Brief selections regarding various aspects of permanent skin modifications including: health and safety, removal, and related links. [How Stuff Works]
Tattoos Leave Mark 
By Barbara M. Dragza. Outlines the changes in tattoo clientele. [The Denver Business Journal]

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