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"Tattoo - fest" ( - 2003)


Tattoo Artist Magazine
The Quarterly Trade Journal for the Professional Tattooer

The Vanishing Tattoo
Tribal Tattoos of the World, History of Tattoos, Tattoo Photo Galleries, Celebrity Tattoos.

BME: Body Modification E-Zine
Comprehensive resource on body piercing, tattoos, scarification, subincision, castration, body art, and all other forms of body modification. Body piercing photos, tattoo ptotos, scarification photos, culture & ritual photos.

Tattoos.Com E-zine
The Premier Bodyart E-zine. Historical information from the tribal art of Borneo to the wood block prints of Japan. Alphabetical listing of studios around the world, events, links, and an artist wanted section.

Prick Magazine
The world's fist free tattoo and piercing publication. Contains feature articles and an archive section. Piercing and tattooing image galleries by artist and studio, suspension pictures, links and a newsletter.

Tattoo magazines
Featured Magazines, Tattoo Magazines, Woman`s Tattoo Magazines.
All about tattooing in Swiss and whole Europe

International tattoo art
Tattoo Magazine.

Tattoofashion Magazine
Tattoo Shop, Tattoo Star Signes, Showbiz Tattoos, Tattoo Application.
Tattoo & piercing galleries,
Guide to bodyart on the Internet. - Free Interactive E-zine
Articles, interviews, image galleries, and free flash. Also contains studio listings, a featured "shop of the month" section, various contests, advertising information, a chat forum, and a help wanted section.
Tattoo Studios, Gallery, Supplies, Conventions, Articles.

The world's first and only large scale heavy body modification event.

Japan Tattoo Institute Traditional Japanese art of hand-tattooing known as "tebori"

Tattoo Artist Magazine
The Quarterly Trade Journal for the Professional Tattooer.

Tribalectic Magazine
Online piercing magazine devoted to body adornment. Contains interviews, news, shops, and image galleries.

Body Play Magazine
Non-fiction writings and photographs pertaining to body modification as a lifestyle, fetish, ritual, and as a performance and spiritual practice.

Skin and Ink
Contains a listing of studios and artist from around the world, reader's photographs, past issues, historical information on the art form, image galleries, and subscription information.

SPC Online
A collection of information, articles and images pertaining to extreme body modification. Includes: amputations, unusual and multiple piercings, implants, facial and full-body tattoos, and scarification. Links, book reviews, experiences, and personals.

My Tattoo Ink
Image galleries, a chat forum, FAQ section, web rings, convention listings, and links.

Ink Brothers
Articles, artist of the month, galleries for piercings, tattoos, scarification, and branding, as well as a message board, and submission instructions.

Body Paint
Convention and events listings, ordering information, resources, and contact information.

The Museum of Tattoos
Contains a tattoo gallery, bookstore, and links.

Tattoo Life
Features previews of the actual articles relating to the trends and traditions of this art form and the influence that skin art has had on other art forms. Contact information and photographs.

Tattoos and Piercing
Features submitted photographs, convention listings, FAQs, a chat forum, articles, and various styles of artwork.

Skin Art
Subscription information, image gallery, featured artist background and portfolio, event information listed by month, and an archive.

Machinegun Magazine
A forum for the exchange and discussion of ideas about tattooing and the equipment used. Previous issue section, contests, basic information and highlights, and submission information.

Southern Tattoo
Listings of artists, studios, and artwork, from Australia and America. Contains competition information, conventions, festivals, and related articles.

Ink Will Set You Free
Emphasizes empowerment through tattooing. Articles pertaining to various womens issues and challenges, as well as a photo album.

Tattoos Down Under
Australian based magazine with photographs, convention, artist, and studio reviews as well as directory listings.

Modified Mind
Newsletter subscription information, link directory for jewelry suppliers, forums, artists, and studios. Also features a site and jewelry review section and a chat forum.

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